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Pool Measurement Guides

General Measurement Guide for Above Ground Replacement Liners

Most above-ground pools fall into standardized sizes! If you still have the original paperwork from your installer, it may tell you exactly what size liner you need! If not, all you'll need is a tape measure and something to document your measurements! 

Our aboveground pool liners are designed for a 4" cove (4" down, 4" out) that can be built up by sand, or by separately purchasing a foam cove.

To measure the diameter of the pool,  Stretch the tape measure across the center of the pool. Remember that you're measuring the inside of the pool, not the top rails! If you're measuring an oval, be sure to measure the widest points on both sides and provide the "straight wall" of the oval, if it does not conform to standard sizes. If your pool exceeds standard-size measurements, let us know so we can get your liner custom-sized for your pool! 


To measure the wall height (for beaded liners), measure the inside of the pool from the absolute floor bottom up to the top of the pool wall. Don't include the top rails, ledges, or cap! Remember that if the pool is recessed in the ground, it could affect your measurements. 


If you're stuck, contact us and we'll do our best to assist you; just don't drop your phone in the pool!

Most round aboveground pools measure in whole feet numbers, such as 21', 24', 27', 30', and so on, but could vary.

Most ovular aboveground pools come in standard sizes but can vary. Refer to the illustration below to get accurate measurements for a proper-fitting liner.

Above ground measurement diagram

General Measurement Guide for Inground Replacement Liners

Inground liners aren't difficult to measure if you know what to do! Interested in pricing for an inground liner? Then head over to our Inground Liners and get a quote Need help with measuring for your inground liner? Please contact us! Consider these ideas below!

Inground length measurement diagram

#1: Measuring Length of Inground Pools

To measure the length of your Inground pool you need to determine the measurements for this formula "B= E+F+G+H" 

  • B = Full Pool Length

  • E = Back Slope Length

  • F = Hopper Length

  • G = Long Slope Length

  • H = Shallow Length

Inground width measurement diagram

#2: Measuring Width of Inground Pools

To measure the length of your Inground pool you need to determine the measurements for this formula "A=I+J+K

  • A = Shallow Width

  • I = Left Side Slope

  • J = Hopper Width

  • K = Right Side Slope

Inground denpth measurement diagram

#3: Measuring Depth of Inground Pools

Be sure not to include the coping in your measurements. Measurements must be made to the opening of the bead track. Incorrect measurements may result in wrinkles or excess material. 

  • D = Full Depth to Bead Track

  • C = Wall Height to Bead Track

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