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Types of Pool Liner Beads

Above ground pool with the reef river pattern outside

Pool Liner Bead Types We Carry

Standard Bead

Standard Bead is used for above grounds that have a track around the top of the pool wall and is very common. Standard bead is also an option on multibead, if you are unsure of how your liner is secured on your above ground pool. 


Multibead is typically used in a j-hook fashion, where it is placed over the wall of the above ground, and then the wall stabilizer rail is pushed down on top of it. Multibead can also be used in a standard bead receiver. It is recommended to cut the extended j-hook portion off if it is to be used in a bead receiver. 

Esther Williams

Esther Williams or Johnny Weissmuller pools use this proprietary bead that is built into the top of the pool wall. It is thicker than standard bead, and will not easily work in a standard bead receiver.

Other Types of Beads

Kayak Bead

Among these common types, there are Kayak pools that require a proprietary bead, as well as Wilkes bead, and many others. If you have questions, let us know and we can help!

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