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12' x 24' x 48" - Bayview Slate - Multibead (Unibead, J-Hook, Standard Bead)

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12' x 24' x 48" Above Ground Pool Liner

Bayview Slate Tile Border with Light-Blue Diffusion Patterned Floor 

Manufactured in Tennessee, USA


Heavy-Duty 30 Gauge / 17 mil Material

Multibead (Unibead, J-Hook, Standard Bead) Easily Replaces Overlap


This liner is designed for a 12' x 24' x 48" round above-ground steel-sided pool with a 4" down and 4" out cove built up from sand or user-installed foam. 


RECOMMENDED: Install the liner in 70° F with abundant sunshine.


Chemically Treated to Resist Harmful UV Rays